Proud, loyal, fierce, friendly, canny, meek, sophisticated, reserved… all these words describe the people of Southern Appalachia. Rooted deep in the mountains and grounded in their Scotch-Irish heritage, these pioneers carved out a life in the midst of a rugged, isolated terrain. Their gumption, strong will, pluck, stubbornness, smarts, and reliance on family, community, and faith helped them succeed in settling this place, where many of weaker constitution would have failed or given up.

Sarah Beth Lovell invites listeners to learn about and fall in love with this mysterious place and its fascinating people. The Heart of Appalachia is rich in tradition, music, lore, legend, and mountain wisdom and people everywhere need to know about what a treasure we hold here. Welcome to Hillbilly Podcast. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our Mountain Home.

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